2024 NBA Normative Dataset: Unveiling the Latest Insights and Trends

The landscape of elite sport is constantly evolving with advancements in training techniques, sports science, and player conditioning. As such, it is essential that our software platform provides accurate normative data for specific populations and allows us to better understand relationships between current athlete profiles and injury trends. This updated NBA normative data set aligns with this goal, enabling performance and medical staff to leverage cutting-edge insights when drafting players, developing their athletic profiles and / or planning injury prevention and rehabilitation programs.

We look forward to exploring the use of this data with our NBA KangaTech users and those that wish to compare athletes and patients to this elite athletic population. By navigating to either the Hip, Thigh or Ankle region of an athlete's profile, you will be able to select the NBA public option and begin comparing your athletes to the NBA normative data set. The KT chart will map athlete data as a percentile versus the selected population on the most commonly utilised protocols across these regions. Automated data normalisation will allow appropriate comparison of all athlete types to this data set. Selecting specific data points within the percentile chart will demonstrate the strength any given athlete is required to reach that particular percentile band. Setting meaningful goals relevant to an individual athlete is made easy. Absolute strength, normalised strength relative to peers or like athletes, the balance of strength between limbs and between synergists within a limb are clearly displayed for interpretation. 



Also, we are proud to note the robustness of this data set has developed significantly. The volume of curated data has grown by 40% versus the original totals. This is attributed to strong continued usage of our customer base across multiple protocols, additionally, a further 6 NBA organizations have began utilizing KT360 since the release of our NBA normative data in late 2022. The launch of this updated NBA normative data set reflects our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the basketball community and empowering users with cutting-edge tools that inform and guide athlete development and care.