AFC Bournemouth extends partnership with KangaTech for another three years

We're excited to share the news that AFC Bournemouth has extended its partnership with KangaTech for another three years. This renewal marks a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering collaboration with top-tier teams and athletes.

Joe Barton, the first-team physiotherapist at AFC Bournemouth, expressed his enthusiasm for the extended partnership, stating, “The KT360 device is an integral part of our Isometric screening, monitoring and training protocols at AFC Bournemouth. The data we gather informs the performance department and aids our decision-making process when assessing the physical capacities of our athletes. It helps us to optimise the performance of each individual player within the playing program and provides a key insight during our rehabilitation pathway. We will continue to work with KangaTech to enhance our performance and rehabilitation protocols to support the elite playing squad."

KangaTech offers a comprehensive suite of protocols, normative datasets, valuable reports, and real-time alert-based analysis through KT360. This platform equips teams and performance and medical staff with advanced analytics and data-driven insights, enabling them to optimise player performance, prevent injuries, and make informed decisions.

As described by KangaTech’s Customer Success Manager, James Evans, “KangaTech is thrilled to extend its relationship with AFC Bournemouth as they continue to utilise the KT360 for the comprehensive screening, monitoring, and training of their players across both the first team and academy. By leveraging KT360's advanced isometric capabilities, the team can efficiently screen for asymmetries and deficiencies, track progress, and tailor specific training programs to optimise performance, rehabilitation and mitigate injury risk. We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation in sports science and look forward to further empowering this elite football team to achieve their goals on and off the pitch.

With this renewed commitment, AFC Bournemouth and KangaTech look forward to achieving even greater heights in the years to come, driven by a shared passion for excellence and a relentless pursuit of football success.

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