Coventry City FC use KangaTech to identify asymmetries



When Paul Godfrey, Head of Medical at Coventry City FC, joined the club, his most important remit was to improve the objectivity within the department.

“We’d been looking at various pieces of equipment that might improve our objective ability to measure certain parameters with our players and KangaTech was a big part of what I needed,” Godfrey said.

“We’ve had KangaTech now for a couple of seasons. We needed a very objective measure of strength and force production. Prior to that, the club was just using handheld dynamometry and it obviously wasn’t particularly reliable or valid. 

“KangaTech coming in just gives us that level of objectivity needed to ensure the results we get are repeatable and reliable.

“We’ve used it in a number of areas. We use it in pre-season screening so we can screen the lads and generate a profile to see where they’re at in terms of certain key muscle groups that are often traumatised or injured during professional football. 

“And then we’re able to assess their overall strength and force production and see if there are any asymmetries between left and right, which allows us to put together an individual training program going into the season which the lads can then work on to try to address those asymmetries.

The ability to recognise those asymmetries early and plan around them means that Coventry City are able to mitigate injury risk, but also be more confident in their return to play protocols.

“Ultimately, KangaTech allows us that repeatability to test and retest to ensure we’re improving and rectifying any deficiencies seen. 

“KangaTech is certainly something I’d recommend to other clubs. It was recommendations from other clubs that alerted me to this piece of equipment and I think it’s been invaluable.”