KangaTech Announces Strategic Expansion into Japan, Unlocking New Market Potential


Haftom Hagoss 
Sales and Marketing Administrator, KangaTech 

Melbourne, Australia: KangaTech today announced its expansion into the Japanese market and the appointment of Business Development Manager - Ken Saito, based out of Tokyo. 

Talking to this appointment, KangaTech’s CEO, Steve Oosterhof, described this appointment as “The Team at KangaTech are excited to begin operating in Japan and bring KT360 to a brand new audience. With Japan’s appreciation for premium technology and service, we are very confident that both the KT360 product offering and Ken’s professionalism will be well received in Japan.
I’m very excited to be working with Ken again, following a successful time establishing Catapult Sports in Japan. Ken's expertise in navigating the  Japanese market and ensuring the highest level of customer support will be instrumental”.

Ken Saito describes the appointment as “It’s exciting to be able to introduce KT360 to sports organisations in Japan as I see huge potential in both the product and the market. I’m equally excited to be working with Steve again, and the excellent team at KangaTech across the globe.”

About KangaTech: 

KangaTech is an Australian-based sports technology company, working with professional sporting teams, athletes, allied health professionals and researchers to measure athlete strength and performance, better understand injury risk, and help guide the prescription of interventions.

KangaTech’s customer base consists of the world’s highest-profile sporting teams, and since releasing KT360 in 2019, has grown to >50% market share in the English Premier League and has a presence in all of the major Professional Sporting Leagues in the USA, UK and Europe. 

To find out more about KangaTech or its KT360 product offering, please contact info@kangatech.com 

For media enquiries, please contact Haftom Hagoss, Sales and Marketing Administrator haftom.hagoss@kangatech.com