How Kevin Kikugawa uses KT360 to manage soft tissue injuries.

Soft tissue injuries can be a significant challenge for athletes, impacting their performance and productivity.  In this case study, an offensive lineman with bilateral patellar tendonitis, effectively managed his injuries using KangaTech's KT360 technology. This case study highlights the impressive results achieved by integrating KangaTech into his injury rehabilitation program.

“At the beginning of the 2021 season, he described his pain as an 8/10, his technique as a 4/10 and his productivity as a 6/10. At the end of the 2022 season, We saw many improvements. When asked what he thought was most helpful to him having more success, in his words, he listed off the isometric work and the work done on the KangaTech KT360.” 

“Our injury risk mitigation platform involves multiple technologies. But the KT360 has proven to be a cornerstone of this program with the versatility and multiple advantages it gives our clinicians.”

“The KT360 has absolutely proven its worth time and time again due to its versatility and precision that has given our clinicians many advantages. Which has enhanced the care we are able to provide our athletes.”

The success of the lineman’s injury rehabilitation highlights the efficacy of KangaTech's KT360 in managing soft tissue injuries. The platform, integrated into an injury risk mitigation program, provided versatility and precision to the clinicians involved, resulting in enhanced care for athletes.