KT360 Independent Validation Study

The recently published KT360 Validation Report was prepared by Associate Professor Fabio Serpiello, Dr Jade Haycraft and Associate Professor Kevin Ball of the College of Sport and Exercise Science; Institute for Health and Sport (IHES) - Victoria University, Melbourne Australia.

The validation study assessed the relationship between the device measurements and a criterion (calibration masses). The validation protocol included testing of the device load cells at different masses (1-200 Kg), in two modalities of static force application (push and pull). Test-retest reliability was assessed by repeating all measurements in two separate occasions.

“We are incredibly happy with the results of the Victoria University study. The results are a testament to KangaTech’s extensive ongoing research & development program, which ensures KT360 is the most reliable, premium offering of its kind. Data quality has and will always remain at the forefront of product development across all KangaTech products.

We look forward to sharing the results of more independent research projects currently underway, and to working with our current and prospective customers to maximize the benefits of KT360’s data and actionable insights into tangible results”

Steve Oosterhof - CEO - KangaTech