How Leinster Rugby utilise KT360 within their Performance and Rehab programs.



For the past 18 months, Leinster Rugby have been utilising KT360 across their rehab and performance programs.

“From a rehab perspective, within our rehab planning, we will identify specific strength metrics and along those metrics, look at specific targets for the player to achieve or hit prior to return to play.” Gallivan said.

KangaTech has given Leinster Rugby the ability to inform and guide their decision making around rehab progression and strategies surrounding return to play. 

"The key thing from the point of view of injury is it ensures that if we have a baseline for that athlete or that player, which we'll typically collect during pre-season or at intervals across the season, we have a baseline and a robust database then to work from and for comparison across the rehab process."

As practitioners strive for greater insight into player performance, KT360 offers a crucial advantage: the ability to monitor various metrics seamlessly.

"The other advantage of the Kangatech, from a performance perspective is as the player returns to play, we can continue to monitor the same metrics and obviously look at any responses with regard to fatigue, symptoms, or contact or training load."

"The big thing for me is that it's player friendly and very easy for the player to self-screen and self-train. From a practitioner's perspective, it consistently objectifies what we have from the point of view of our rehab progression and also performance markers in terms of return to play." Gallivan said.

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