Chicago Bound: KangaTech to Perform Strength Testing at the 2024 NBA Combine!


7th May, 2024
Melbourne, Australia: KangaTech has announced its participation in the 2024 NBA Draft Combine at Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois, and the makeup medical examinations for the Draft Combine in Treviso, Italy.
At the Combine, KangaTech will provide strength testing to NBA draft prospects from all over the world via KT360 and its compatible software.
The patented KT360 is a highly engineered fixed-frame dynamometry solution that provides targeted testing and training, real-time biofeedback, and sports-specific athlete profiling.
Advanced analytics provide accurate data and key insights to mitigate injury risk and help guide the prescription of appropriate interventions.
Commenting on the news, KangaTech’s CEO Steve Oosterhof said, “Our collaboration with the NBA represents a significant milestone in our journey as a business. We look forward to supporting the NBA at the Combine and continuing to add value to the companies utilising our technology regularly.”
The upward trajectory of KT360 showcases not only the effectiveness of the technology but also KangaTech's growing reputation as a trusted partner in safeguarding athlete well-being and performance. KangaTech's influence extends well beyond the NBA Draft Combine, as it finds application in various other professional leagues spanning a diverse spectrum of sports worldwide. This adoption underscores KangaTech's commitment to mitigate injury risk and empower athletes to achieve their full potential.
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