KangaTech chosen the for 2024 NBA Tech Expo

.nba-tech-expo 2024 FINAL

Pioneering isometric strength testing worldwide, KangaTech is dedicated to revolutionising athlete performance through groundbreaking innovations. Our mission is to empower elite athletes to mitigate injury risk while enabling higher training volumes, enhancing on-field performance and overall athlete availability.

We are proud to announce that KangaTech has been selected for the third consecutive year to showcase our innovative technology and software at the esteemed 2024 NBA Tech Expo. This exclusive event brings together top sports technology companies, providing a unique opportunity to engage with NBA team executives, league officials, esteemed partners, and potential investors.

KangaTech has successfully forged partnerships across the NBA and College Basketball networks and aims to amplify its presence further with the support of the NBA Tech Expo. Numerous NBA teams are now utilising KangaTech, with the notable addition of KangaTech’s first WNBA user. 

Commenting on the news, KangaTech's CEO Steve Oosterhof said, “Our successful experiences providing strength testing for prospects at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago and Italy have reinforced our dedication to enhancing athlete performance and mitigating injury risk. We eagerly look forward to unveiling our next generation of technology at the 2024 NBA Tech Expo.”

At this event, KangaTech will previewed KT360 PRO. This next iteration of the KT360 product line promises groundbreaking advancements in the fixed-frame dynamometry category.

If you’d like to learn more about KangaTech’s upcoming innovations, please contact rj.archer@kangatech.com