Empowering Performance: Introducing 13 New Protocols for Comprehensive Athlete Testing and Training

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At KangaTech, we are proud to work closely with our user base to understand their challenges and come together to find testing and training solutions for them. Furthermore, we will be launching 13 new protocols that have come at the request of some of the top sporting organisations in the world.

With these protocols, practitioners have the ability to assess baseline maximal isometric strength, continually monitor athletes to identify potential risk factors and develop strength capacity using objective data to guide progression.

The newly introduced protocols include:

  • Hip Extension 0
  • Hip Extension H90/K90
  • Hip Flexion 20
  • Hip Flexion Seated Long Lever
  • Hip Flexion (Thomas Test)
  • Knee Extension H30/K30
  • Knee Extension H90/K90
  • Knee Flexion H0/K30
  • Knee Flexion H0/K90
  • Hamstring Claw H90/K45
  • Adduction Single Leg (30Abd)
  • Abduction Single Leg (30Abd)
  • Shoulder Adduction 90

These protocols are an essential addition to the current testing suite, in combination with existing protocols they offer practitioners the ability to screen, monitor and train the full force length profile of an athlete across the sagittal and frontal planes of motion at the hip, and extension / flexion at the knee.

Additionally, the application of these protocols in rehabilitation will enable a progressive assessment of strength through range, depending on the stage of rehabilitation that the athlete is in. Further education on these protocols will be available at the time of release to inform on the justification for their selection as well as the questions we look to answer by testing athletes with them.

These protocols will soon be accessible to all users through KT360 and the KT User Guide. Stay tuned as we roll out these game-changing tools over the coming month.