New KT360 Protocols - Elbow Flexion, Elbow Extension, Shoulder ER/IR 80/90

At KangaTech, we are constantly striving to learn from our customer's needs in order to continually improve our technology. With this in mind, we are adding a new selection of upper limb testing and training protocols.


In collaboration with two of our Major League Baseball teams, we have added four new isometric strength testing and training protocols. Shoulder ER and Shoulder IR with the arm abducted to 80 degrees and externally rotated 90 degrees. These two protocols extend the shoulder testing suite to include protocols specific to the 'cocking position' at and from which pitchers develop high torques. This position and the forces generated in this position (picture would be good) place significant stress on shoulder structures (e.g. labral and tendon) commonly injured. Testing and training in this position will likely reveal weakness and pain in a range relevant to injury that may predispose to re-injury and failed return to competition following rehabilitation. This data can be used not only to profile strength and guide strength development programs but also to monitor changes in shoulder rotation strength and pain that may develop in response to training and game loads from day to day/week to week.


In addition, Elbow Flexion and Elbow Extension protocols are new additions that indicate upper arm/elbow capacity and health in the athlete. Elbow Flexion/ Extension 0/90 tests the Maximum Voluntary Isometric (MVI) strength of the elbow flexors with the shoulder in neutral, the elbow flexed to 90 degrees, and supinated to the end of the range. The test is biased to the torque produced by the Bicep and Tricep muscles in mid-range with relatively minimal load on the long head of the Bicep and Tricep tendons compared to other positions. These protocols can indicate Bicep and Tricep Brachii strength, Bicep and Tricep Brachii contraction-related pain, and upper arm strength balance in your athlete population.


If you have any questions about this protocol suite, please don't hesitate to contact