Research Summary: Normative isometric plantarflexion strength values for professional level, male rugby union athletes

Brief Summary

The prevalence and cost of Calf and Achilles tendon injuries in elite sports have created interest in the modifiable risk factors associated with these injuries. As a result, interest in the measurement of isometric plantarflexion strength when profiling and monitoring athletes has increased in an attempt to mitigate lower leg injury risk and improve rehabilitation outcomes.

A recent article by Lee et al 2023 provides useful reference data for those using dynamometry to measure isometric calf strength in male rugby union players. 

KT360 provides the capacity to quickly, accurately and reliably measure and train isometric gastrocnemius and soleus muscle strength. In addition to this, the software provides users with access to normative data from AFL, NBA, EPL and MLB populations. These data sets are normalised to lever length and body weight and allow more in-depth analysis of athlete capacity and relative injury risk profiles. 

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