How the Portland Timbers used KT360’s visual feedback for their return-to-play strategy


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In the world of professional soccer, the return-to-play process is a crucial journey for athletes recovering from injuries. The Portland Timbers have seamlessly integrated KT360 into their approach, revolutionising how they develop player profiles, identify areas of improvement, and track progress during the return-to-play process, as led by Matt Weston, Director of Sports Medicine.

KT360 has become an integral tool for the Timbers, enabling them to develop comprehensive player profiles that highlight strengths and areas of improvement. As the team navigates the return to play process, these profiles become invaluable in understanding potential areas that require focused attention. 

“One of the valuable parts of KT360 is the visual feedback that it provides during a return to play process where you're trying to set a percentage of a player’s max. It’s important to be able to see for that player what they should be trying to achieve that day.”

“As we work through a return to play strategy, we can track the progress of our players, and we can give them that positive reinforcement to show them the progress that they're making over time.”

“We utilise KT360 for pre-training assessments of readiness, and this can be applied to an entire team, but it also applies to the return to play process so that if we're seeing a player who isn't testing as well as we’d like, we can modify their return to play that day or we can actually push them a little bit harder.”

Player profiling, especially in areas like hip internal and external rotation, has become a standard for the Timbers. During the return-to-play process, this profiling is a cornerstone, allowing the team to address specific areas identified earlier. It becomes a targeted strategy to enhance overall player performance.

KT360 aided the Timbers in tracking how well players are recovering between sessions, particularly in critical areas like the hamstrings. This data-driven approach ensured that athletes returned to the field stronger and in optimal condition.

The Portland Timbers' adoption of KT360 has elevated their return-to-play process to new heights. KT360’s comprehensive capabilities, from player profiling to real-time biofeedback, empower both coaches and players to navigate the challenges of rehabilitation with precision and confidence.

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