Real Madrid Announcement

.Fwp8LkfXsAEBmmtImage: @realmadrid

We are thrilled to unveil that one of the most illustrious football clubs in history, Real Madrid, will commence working with KT360.

With an astounding 14 Champions League titles under their belt, they have consistently set the standard for footballing excellence. Throughout their storied history, Real Madrid has showcased an unwavering commitment to success, embodying a winning mentality that resonates with millions of fans worldwide.

At the forefront of sports technology, KangaTech offers a a comprehensive suite of protocols, normative datasets, valuable reports, and real-time alert-based analysis through KT360. This platform equips teams and performance and medical staff with advanced analytics and data-driven insights, enabling them to optimise player performance, prevent injuries, and make informed decisions.

As described by KangaTech’s Customer Success Manager, James Evans, “KangaTech is excited to be providing Real Madrid with KT360 and all it has to offer, including a comprehensive suite of protocols, normative datasets, valuable reports and real-time alert-based analysis. Our advanced analytics, data-driven insights, and state-of-the-art technology will empower the performance and medica staff to understand injury risk and guide appropriate interventions”.

With Real Madrid's unparalleled legacy and KangaTech's cutting-edge technology, this collaboration promises to usher in a new era of success both on and off the field.