KangaTech Unveils Enhanced User Experience with New Frontend Software Upgrade

After months of intensive product development, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards delivering the best user experience possible: the successful upgrade of our frontend software and architecture. This update not only brings overall UI improvements but also lays the groundwork for future enhancements to KangaTech’s hardware and software product offerings.

What's New?

  • Angular 15 Upgrade: Our development team has worked hard to transition seamlessly from AngularJS to Angular 15. This upgrade enhances performance, improves security, and many new features to elevate your overall user experience.

  • Overall UI Improvements: Say hello to a sleeker, more intuitive user interface! We've revamped the design to provide a modern and visually appealing experience. Enjoy smoother navigation and discover a cleaner, more user-friendly interface across the KangaTech platform.

  • Enhanced Responsiveness: With the power of Angular 15, our front end is more responsive than ever. Whether you're accessing KangaTech from your desktop or tablet, the platform adapts seamlessly to provide a consistent and enjoyable experience.

Commenting on this update, KangaTech software engineer, Mitch Campbell, states, “Upgrading our frontend architecture to the latest version of Angular while giving the UX/UI a facelift means our users will benefit in two major ways. With Angular’s performance upgrades, like faster load times, and the refreshed design making things easier to find and use, users will notice the app running smoother and looking sharper.”

What's Next?

Our team is already working hard on the next wave of updates, features, protocols, and improvements. Stay tuned for announcements on exciting additions to enhance your KangaTech experience.

To access the full release notes, please click here.

Additionally, to guarantee a seamless transition and minimize any potential disruptions, we are rolling out the update in phases. This strategy enables us to closely monitor the performance of the new version under various usage conditions. Should any unforeseen issues arise, we may temporarily revert to the current version while we address any necessary adjustments. However, please be assured that any version changes will not adversely affect your ability to use the application.

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